Bill became a ham radio as a twelve-year old in March 2005. His first contact was with Ross Wullenweber KB2TIN on Sunday, April 24, 2005. Ross was bicycle mobile in Tonawanda, NY along the Niagara River. His first rig was an Icom V8000.

Since becoming a ham, Bill has been active on a variety of modes and clubs.

Bill first joined the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club in August 2005. He was elected president of the radio club in November 2012, and served as president for the duration of 2013 until his move to Southern Nevada. During his tenure as president, the club saw a surge in not only membership numbers, but participation and treasury.

Upon his move to Vegas, Bill became active on the UHF repeaters in Vegas.

He currently owns and maintains several repeaters, and he helps maintain several repeaters in the valley.

Professionally, Bill is a music teacher and professional musician.