This machine is currently being converted to the Brandmeister system. Terry NX7R hopes to have it operational by the beginning of June 2016.

For more information on the Brand Meister network, please click here.


NX7R Black Mountain 1293.625 & 448.625 Repeater Antennas. The 1.2ghz is on the left, and the 70cm repeater antenna is on the right. This is located at the 4000′ level above sea level.


Here is the Black Mountain Henderson transmitter site. The NX7R repeater is housed in the TV-21 transmitter building. TV-21 / 33 tower and antenna is pictured. It puts out a whopping 500,000 watts! NX7R repeater antennas mounted to Building. 70cm Celwave Super Stationmaster on the center mount, 1.2ghz Comet GP-21 on the left. KD8S Amateur ATV antennas on the Right.