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445.625 MHz (-)
Color Code = 15
Time Slot 1
TG-3100 Nationwide – links 4639
TG-3109X Regional Talk Group Based on Calling Area of Repeater Where X is the Geographical location designation- ie: 31097=NV
TG-31089 Hytera Network USA Net channel (Like the OLD North America Channel TG3 on Hytera)
TG-91 Worldwide
TG-8001 DMRX 1 (Cross Connects to cBridge Network)
TG-9990 or TG-310997 – Parrot / Echotest  (Private Call)
Time Slot 2
TG= 8900= Nevada Local —  all other areas use 9 for  Local TG.
TG-3132 = NV Statewide – Yours may differ based on your Geographic locale.. example: 3107 is California.. ect.
TG-31268 Reno
TG-3106 California
TG-310999 – ARS/GPS (Testing)