449.625 MHz (-)
Color Code = 15
For more information on the Brand Meister network, please click here.
Time Slot 1
TG-3100 Nationwide – links 4639
TG-3109X Regional Talk Group Based on Calling Area of Repeater Where X is the Geographical location designation- ie: 31097=NV
TG-31089 Hytera Network USA Net channel (Like the OLD North America Channel TG3 on Hytera)
TG-91 Worldwide
TG-8001 DMRX 1 (Cross Connects to cBridge Network)
TG-9990 or TG-310997 – Parrot / Echotest  (Private Call)
Time Slot 2
TG= 8900= Nevada Local —    all other areas use 9 for  Local TG.
TG-3132 = NV Statewide – Yours may differ based on your Geographic locale.. example: 3107 is California.. ect.
TG-31268 Reno
TG-3106 California
TG-310999 – ARS/GPS (Testing)
red 7

This is an old F.A.A. V.O.R. “Wullenweber” antenna.

red 5

red 6

This Ubiquiti dish is pointed to K7RSW’s QTH about seven miles north of the Red Mountain site. K7RSW provides Internet access for this machine to operate on the Brandmeister network.

red 8 red1 red3


A look at the repeater cabinet inside the communications shelter on Red Mountain. Can you spot the Hytera repeater?

red9 red 22