P25 is the only mission critical digital voice protocol. P25 is used be law enforcement agencies, fire and EMS services, and utility companies around the United States for a reason: it works AND it sounds great! Your friendly ham operators and repeaters owners in Vegas are enabling P25, which is a feature already included in many of the repeaters on the mountaintops and towers around town. On this page, you will find information about the repeaters and radios. You will also find information on how to register your personal subscriber radio ID. (Don’t worry, this isn’t like DMR-MARC where it’s super stuffy.)

What radio should I buy?

That is a loaded question. What features are you looking for? Most likely, if you’re on this page, you are probably looking for something to just get started. I recommend a Motorola XTS-2500 or Motorola XTS-5000. These are the immediate past generation of P25 radios. In fact, some agencies are still even using them as their daily carry portables. Most of the radios can be had for around $250-$400. If you scrounge hard enough, you’ll can probably even find for less than $200. It is important to make sure that the flash code has P25 (Astro) in it.

Will my Baofeng work?

No, you Baofeng (or Wouxon or Btech or Anytone) will NOT work on P25. Vertex, Icom, Kenwood, Harris, Bendix King, and Tait make P25 radios. You will find that anything non-Motorola won’t have the same “support” — free ham knowledge — because these radios aren’t as popular among hams because they aren’t used as frequently.