Frequently Heard Hams

The system sees quite a bit of activity. Below are some of the hams that you will hear pretty regularly on the system.

Kirk, NO7BS – Las Vegas, NV*

Ross, KB2TIN – Kenmore, NY

Ed, N2NJJ – City of Tonawanda, NY

Bill, N4NJJ – North Las Vegas, NV*

Scott, K7RSW – Henderson, NV*

Justin, KG7FKJ – North Las Vegas, NV

Kevin, K9KVN – Sloan, NY*

Dave, N2RHL – North Buffalo, NY

Phil, KC2TPY – Williamsville, NY

Ron, WA2WWK – Amherst, NY

Paul, K4PEW – Mt. Joliet, TN

Steve, WB9STH – Las Vegas, NV*

Richard, KF7KQM – Las Vegas, NV

Herb, KF7KQN – Las Vegas, NV

BJ, KD7MIR – Las Vegas, NV

*Repeater trustee that is frequently connected*