The Henderson Community Repeater is sponsored by Bill Freeman, WQUR739/N4NJJ. It is open for all licensed GMRS operators that promise to not use a Baofeng on this machine. It is an open forum to discuss radio, local and current events, politics, music, religion, cars, computers, drones, etc..

The repeater is located on a 120 foot communications tower in Henderson, Nevada.

NOVEMBER 2018 – Another group has launched a repeater on this channel (that’s fine – this is GMRS, and that’s allowed); however, this other group has demanded that we vacate the channel. If anyone tells you to go away, please be advised that they have no legal or ethical authority to make such a demand. (It has been a common practice in radio to acknowledge the repeater that was on the channel first – as this one has been.) As long as your transmission is not interfering with any emergency traffic or other general traffic, the use of the frequency is on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t let the PTT warriors scare you. If needbe, please reference Part 95; Subsection E.

OCTOBER 2018 – Motorola Quantar installed.

AUGUST 2017 – Repeater moved back to Henderson, NV.

JANUARY 2016 – Repeater moved to the area of Washburn and Commerce in North Las Vegas.

SEPTEMBER 2014 – Repeater is launched at Railroad Pass.

Repeater Access

The repeater is open to all licensed GMRS operators that promise to not use Baofengs and other non-type accepted radios. This type of activity is not only banned here, but it is illegal!

Anyone can apply to use the repeater free-of-charge.

Please fill-out the form requesting access. This is used to know who is out there, and keep you apprised of outages and other events.

Repeater Use & “The Crew”

This is a family-use repeater program during “family” hours. Please keep that in mind. Please try to refrain from strong language that you would not use around children. At night? Who cares?

The people that use this system are a very “real” group of guys. The group doesn’t sugar coat things. It’s refreshing in today’s society.

If this sounds like too much for you to handle, this machine is probably not the spot for you. The crew is very diverse in professions, vocations, socioeconomic status, orientation, religion, and gender. We’re probably the most accepting group of guys out there. If you’re willing to learn, assimilate, and have fun, please join in.

Occasionally you will hear communications between myself and family members. All I ask is that you let us be.

Basic Repeater Rules

  1. Aside from that, there is only ONE repeater cop here: ME. Don’t do my job (even if I’m not really doing it either). If you do, you will be asked to go pound sand on your own repeater.
  2. Baofengs, Baofeng users, and Baofeng aficionados are strictly not welcome. (If you think Baofengs are great or whatever, PLEASE go away!!!) These radios are illegal on GMRS no matter what the keyboard warriors will tell you.
  3. Don’t be a lid. Don’t be annoying. Don’t ask questions if you’re not willing to listen to/accept the answer. Go get your ham radio license and join the WIN System for that nonsense.
  4. Don’t be a whacker cop wannabe.

MDC Tones

Yes, you will hear MDC tones on this channel. No, these tones aren’t to make us feel like wannabe cops or firefighters. These MDC tones serve a purpose here just as they do in public safety: to identify units.

Sorry, but most of our wives don’t want to talk to you. It’s nothing personal.

The MDC tone allows them to know who is speaking, especially since our wives might not be as into radio as us – and they probably don’t recognize all of the voices.

If you have an MDC number, please share it when requesting access. If you’d like one assigned to you, please let me know. If you need help setting it up, let me know.

Again, refer to rule number four above: Don’t be a whacker cop wannabe.

Repeater Usage for Your Net

If you find that this repeater’s capabilities are sufficient for your group’s net usage, please e-mail me so we can workout an agreement. I’m more than willing to share this repeater, and its capabilities, with our radio community.

Net Night

I am looking into holding a weekly Tuesday night whacker free, lid-free, absolutely no purpose behind it “net” just for for. You know. Gather around the microphone to do nothing more than shoot the breeze. I get it. Some people need an excuse to turn the radio on. This is the excuse.

Programming Your Radio

  • When programming your radio, please be sure to program the repeater as “Narrow,” or 12.5 KHz step. If you leave your radio in “wide” or 25 KHz, everything will sound wonky. (Not to mention 25 KHz is not legal on GMRS – refer to Part 95 Subsection E.)
  • If using MDC, it must be set to “Pre” — this means that the MDC squawk will sound BEFORE your transmission. This allows others to see who is talking before they even open their mouth. (While we’re on that subject, don’t quick key. It’s annoying. Refer to rule three.

Repeater Technical Information

The repeater is currently a Motorola Quantar putting out 50 watts of beautiful, pure FM. Quantars have much hotter receivers than most of the “ham” and “business” grade machines out there: ie. XPR, Hytera, GR-1225, etc. repeaters.

The antenna has a commanding view of the Las Vegas valley from downtown Henderson.

Conversations have been reported as far out as the California/Nevada stateline in Primm.